Struggling Bachelor

As we live a number of hours journey away from our parents we have to find a suitable accommodation for ourselves secure and safe like home. But the very problem start from the position we hold “Bachelors” . The word itself made many rent owners fold their arms and hold “No” in firm. The extra degree we got definitely gave an extra spices to the former rank that most of young generation are now facing “Unemployment”.anxiety-help-chat

These two part plays in such a way that in the course of room hunting one also happen to go through the journey of job hunting. In this hunting project some other spices are definitely there to add – “Are you married?” “Sorry its only for family or married couples”.  This made the bachelor go through the pain that every other can imagine.

In the so called metro city, Guwahati we happen to smack such different types of flavor in the scorching heat spotting every household that bare the To-let sign. One can also experience the grudge a owner holds for a bachelor they will just give the straight ‘No’ to however the situation may be. It can be agreed that in some case they need to be more aware about the renters as nowadays we can see some mischief renters around.

Few months back i was in this field of room hunting after completing my Masters and yaa definitely unemployed. we did our survey to what place will be suitable to dwell and continue with our future career. We went to different houses which publish their vacant rent. But the astonishing thing we get to hear that they don’t provide room to bachelors. We plea in every possible way one can do, but the extra flavor of not holding any job makes them to sue us. After much struggle one can finally run to a broker agreeing to the terms and conditions they hold. 50% of gross rent and the registration fee . It can be profitable for girls as running to every household  is way more then impossible. And later one can only end up to the broker with some extra amount which we can even see in cities like Guwahati where even finding a job needs a broker. The frustration of a bachelors added up with pain of money  crisis and of course the pressure from the main center to find a job always eats up the real goal one holds in their mind. The spike keeps one poking until one changes their dwell two or three times in a row. We can even sneak and peek to the price of the preferable room one gets. Your heart will stuck to one room you see but for an unemployed struggling bachelors one can imagine how hard it is to reject the offer of the room. Some may end up sharing the rent with few of friends and some may end up with single room of low cost.  Both can give enough pain as a whole. For boys it become difficult to hold one single room as their much friendly nature with co-partners can give a bang to the owners mindset. I came through some of my male friends who happen to jump to three room in three months in a row. Whatever the problem may be but being a bachelor every person can imagine the high time of this period and the flow of ups and downs attach to it.  The rank of bachelor can give enough work even to think what was one’s real goal that he/she came to achieve in the so called metro city like Guwahati.

At last, one can only hold to his heart the terror it beholds. Jumping to this field is easy. One easily gets the rank of a Bachelor but to maintain it in the long run in a successful way is far too difficult even to imagine, which could even led to depression and frustration. Like it is said that, To get something bigger we have to lose something or the other for life is a full of experience and each simple one makes one bigger and endure one to march towards success and satisfaction.

A place of best foodie

So did I started this foodie experience right in Guwahati with one of my friend from my university back then. “Barbeque Nation” yaa the very name can make lots of Guwahati localites watered their mouth. A place I will suggest visitors to step their feet once. Its a hub of food heaven.  IMG_1119.JPG

The Place located in Lachit Nagar, G.S. road South Sarania, Ulubari, Adityam Building. It is 4 km from Ganeshguri if you happen to stay in a hotel  at Ganeshguri. Its the perfect place you can spent time with food p.s. foodlovers. The ambience and the staff’s behaviour is the best thing. It got the mind blowing service and food quality. mostly it does start with the amazing starter. people will love the prawn, the roasted chicken and yaa the self barbeque eatable. It gives the feeling of cooking for oneself n for the co-partners as well. Will not forget to mention about the flag thing, can say ‘the stopper’.  People new in here may find it hard to stop the starter and the flag thing so i will definetly mention the part played by the barbeque flag. Once done with the starter just roll the flag to head down and the indication will reach to the waiters there. Then can go for the main meal. One have to step to the other part of the of the hall to serve by own in the perfectly neat plate provided by them. WE can go for the heavy part and also for the light part the choice can be all ours. It provides every food for every kind of food lovers. Like from chicken currey to sallad, from polao to chowmin, from ice cream to desert, from kulfi to sweets, and yaa have to mention rice too,  for the place opens at 12p.m. and a time like this is the perfect happening for lunch.

They even provides birthday cakes with a pretty song perform by them and a snap of the birthday group framing it later. After the lunch one can go for desert and the different types and flavours of kulfi. It is the most amazing part to stop a foodi like me. I even find the kulfi maker amazing,  he smiles while he makes,  a good response for the costumers over there.

With the kulfi treat we head to finish our task of eating,  though sadly but with satisfaction.  So i will definitly suggest people out there visiting Assam and yaa ofcourse Guwahati to take time and step to the amazing “Barbeque Nation”

This is my first blog hope you all will like it. With much regard i am sorry for any mistakes out in my blog. Thanks and travel the world Amigos.